Photo Gallery:

Hunting Photos

Hunting in LaSalle, CO

Hunting in Canada 2006 Hunting in Canada 2006
4 man pit 2006 The goose helmet

Sharptail grouse in Canada A pile of cranes and honkers

Elk camp 2004 The Gold Cup Mine Crew

My 2005 Pronghorn

Outdoor show booth

Special Calls I've made

Bloodwood Celtic Knot & Bolivian Rosewood Marblewood Bloodwood & Maple Burl
81 segment call 105 segment call Bird's Eye Maple & Black Walnut, Celtic Knots
Various stages of call making Bocote
Dove call Elk call Elk call
1st Place Matched Goose & Elk calls Kingwood Goose Flute call
Black Palm and Lacewood Ebony and Bees Wing Narra Camo Diamondwood and Bacote
Bolivian Rosewood Honduran Mahogany Bird's Eye Maple
Big Leaf Maple Burl Bird's Eye Maple and Black Walnut Bloodwood, Bocote and Purpleheart
Matched Laminated Pair, Kingwood and Tulipwood Camo Diamondwood short reed goose call 1,499 piece matched set
Cow elk call and Goose flute Tiger maple short reed goose flute Tiger maple cow elk call
Walnut & Bacote flute, custom order Matched set of three, 112 segments each Bloodwood with Black Walnut Accents
2013 1st Prize entry St. Charles 2013 Winner and ribbons East Indian Rosewood
Claro Walnut stock Black Walnut and Zebra wood
Matched set, silver wire inlay Big leaf Maple burl with turquoise inlay
Bacote with Narra Lacewood
Tiger Maple with Tulipwood and Walnut Accents Osage, Bacote & Bloodwood Exhibition Grade English Walnut
Exhibition Grade English Walnut Big leaf Maple Burl and Paduke Matched set
Claro Walnut Osage stock Sue's first Duck calls

Scrollsawn Projects

Victorian Carousal

A hard project to photograph. It is 25" tall.
Victorian Carousal Victorian Carousal
This project came from a plan. It turned out beautifully. The plans themselves were not very clear and gave no hint about what size candles to use. I bought the standard 6" candles for carousals, after quite an extensive web search for them, only to find that they are way too small - they don't create enough heat to reach the blades above. I tried votives with no better luck. I am going to have to create some very tall candle holders if I'm ever going to get this to work.

Heat Registers

When we replaced the carpet in our home with flooring we didn't want to put back the ugly old metal registers. Here are the replacements I created.
Livingroom register
Livingroom register
Bedroom register
Bedroom register
Before cold air return
Before return
After cold air return
After return
Stone-topped table

We found the fountain in Moab, UT.

We felt it required a special table.

A black walnut table supports a 60 pound Colorado Bluff Sandstone. We traced the stone's shape on cardboard to make a pattern for the shelves.

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