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Goose hunting in LaSalle, CO I have been hunting waterfowl and blowing calls for over 40 years and woodworking for at least 20. When I started making calls it was just a natural thing to combine both hobbies. I strive to make the best calls possible and learn to use the newest techniques and products in my calls. Every call turned out by Goose For Supper is unique and one of a kind, hand turned and tuned. I am constantly experimenting trying to find the magic sound that pleases my customers and hopefully helps them to bag more birds in the field.
I stand behind my work and will try hard to keep my customers satisfied and pleased. Should a customer ever experience problems with a call please just contact us and we will make it good. Customer service is extremely important to us. Water Fowl hunting in Canada 2006
Thanks for visiting our website and be sure to check back, we are constantly putting new one of a kind calls up for sale.
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Why Goose For Supper

Why “Goose For Supper”?

When thinking up a name for our call company, one thing we wanted to highlight is the recipe my wife came up with for waterfowl. Having hunted ducks and geese for over 40 years, believe me; I have tried every recipe I have come across. So many people love to hunt ducks and geese, but when it comes to table fare, lots of hunters I know give the birds away having not found a recipe they can stomach. Lots of first timers are turned off to waterfowl hunting when they bring home a bird and it fails on the table.

My wife, Sue, has a wonderful recipe that originally was for lamb, and one day suggested we try it on geese. It’s a simple marinade made of all spices, and once we tried it we knew we had found a winner. It tastes very similar to beef steak, is easy to make and cook, and has been a hit everywhere I take a sample. My neighbors probably think I’m nuts when I am out grilling up some goose at 4:00 a.m., to snack on in the goose pit and share with my hunting buddies. Give it a try; it may just become your favorite recipe. We have had many excellent comments on the recipe over the years.

Armenian Marinade recipe

Awards Corner

Callmaker & Collectors Association of America judged these matched Goose and Elk calls as First Place and Best of Class in 2010 Amateur competition.
Award of Merit, Professional Class, 2011 St. Charles fancy call contest. 1499 individual pieces of wood glued together. Goose flute, short reed goose call, and single reed duck call.
2013 Callmakers & Collectors Association of America Professional Laminated Blue Ribbon and Design Awards.

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